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About Us


We are an ever-expanding community of love and acceptance where lives across the globe are transformed, healed, guided, awakened.


UniverSOUL Heart Ministries is a spiritual organization for students and masters on the spiritual path. We are dedicated to awakening the Soul/Higher Self and creating a world of love, peace, joy, health, and abundance.

We all experience a spiritual awakening in different ways. For some, it happens spontaneously, while for others, it comes about through personal spiritual practice. As we awaken, we not only learn about our own true natures, but the nature of all reality as well. All of us have suffered through pain, but by rising above the potholes of life, we can recreate ourselves as more loving people, and find new levels of peace, fulfillment, and joy. As we each find our own way to enlightenment, we notice our lives shifting on the outside, while inside we are creating a deep sense of well-being, a strong connection to ourselves and others, and a general positive attitude towards life. UniverSOUL Heart Ministries is offering a safe space to share your thoughts, problems, and ideas. Our everyday goal is to guide people to find definitive solutions to life’s problems. Simply by learning how to communicate with your own soul, you can learn to hear for yourself the answers that were right in front of you the whole time. UniverSOUL Heart Ministries can help you break through the shackles of day to day suffering, as we have done with hundreds of other people that have started living more joyous, fulfilling lives.


  • Value all people
    Our world and our perception changes when we learn to add value to the lives of others and being able to lead with love and service.
  • Living Intentionally
    Living a life of intention will help bring a person’s path into focus and give a life of meaning. When we focus on what we can do today, opportunities that we never saw before will appear before our eyes.
  • Exceed Expectations
    Giving more than expected will accelerate your spiritual growth, give meaning to your life, and support the entire UHM organization and its mission.
  • Growth Focused
    Growth supports energy, which is essential to live. The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know. Constant and never-ending improvement should be embedded in our DNA.
  • Demonstrating a Positive Attitude
    As you grow spiritually, you will realize that everything does truly happen for a reason- even if it isn’t currently apparent. Good will come out of every situation. Demonstrating a positive attitude will help foster that vision and relieve stress, worry, and anxiety.
  • Transformation
    Kindness and forgiveness transform everything. Letting the past go, will help you make peace in the present. Ask what in yourself is being mirrored in the other person. What are they teaching you?
  • Equipping Others
    The best way to help others it to equip them with the right tools and knowledge so that they are empowered to become leaders within the community.
  • Leading by Example
    The more leaders the better. Some people confuse being a leader with having a power position, which is false. Being a leader is all about influencing ourselves and those around us to be the best they can be.
  • Model Consistency
    Despite the circumstance, remain with perseverance and commitment. We stay centered and act out of love; not react out fear.
  • Be A Person of Faith
    Whatever our faith, background or belief is everyone is welcomed and loved at UniverSOUL Heart Ministries where diversity is truly an asset. Having faith can be faith in God, the Universe, the Light, your higher self. It is that force that draws every leader to change, to help others, to grow, and to influence others to do the same; while realizing your true power is Divine.
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